Joint activities

26th February 2019 in Vyškov, CZ

In the time-frame 26th of February to 1st of March the first eNOTICE Joint Activity (JA) in 2019 will take place at the Joint CBRN Defence Center of Excellence (JCBRN Defence COE) in VYSKOV / CZE. This event will be combined with the International Radiological Assistance Programmme Training for Emergency Response (I-RAPTER) Basic Course, which will be conducted in cooperation with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the US Department of Energy. This course aims to provide radiation protection specialists, first responders, law enforcement and emergency managers with practical information to effectively respond to radiological incidents and accidents. The course provides instruction through briefings, equipment demonstrations and field exercises with the use of a wide variety of radiation detection instrumentation, radiation sources and personal protective equipment. The field exercises and practical training will be held in the premises of the Radiological Laboratory and at the Vyskov Air Museum. Both venues will set up inspiring background for detection and identification procedures, well as the safe transport of the discovered radioactive sources.

Organised by JCBRN Defence COE

10th October 2018 in Rome, IT

The Joint Activity for eNOTICE by the Joint NBC Defence School (JNBC School) in Rieti took place on the 10th-11th of October 2018. The JA was organized in the framework of the “CBRN Operational Sampling Course” to train CBRN specialist in CBR survey and sampling activities and procedures. The scenario was Radiological, and a Dirty Bomb search has been performed. The demo displayed many of the capabilities and capacities of the CBRN TC. Representatives of TARGET, FIRE-IN, SAYSO, ENCIRCLE, NO FEAR, MELODY, participated to the JA as observes and had the opportunity to visit the NUBICH training area and get to know the JNBC School, and what can be made available for use in their projects.

Organised by UNITOV

19th June 2018 in Brussels, BE

Annual activity: Joint international field exercise with EU mobile laboratory: teaching and training for identification of biological risks and decontamination, developing an operational analytical capacity deployable within and outside the EU. Acquisition of new professional skills, comparison of procedures; quick response to a biological crisis with public health impact, share knowledge and innovations with stakeholders in this field of expertise.

Organised by UCL

30th January 2018 in Nimes, FR

30 janvier 2018 à Nîmes, FR

30 Ocak 2018 - Nimes, FR

During the Nimes joint activity, a massive arrival of victims after a CBRNE scenario was performed at Nimes Hospital. The joint activity was prepared by METU and ARMINES. Besides, various EU projects tested their own solution during this activity (e.g. IGNIS - Effective Command project's assessment tool was used for the post-assessment of the exercise, TARGET was also used to assess High Resilient Organisation). Moreover, several EU projects (INACHUS, SAYSO, IN PREP, TARGET, EUMFH, FIRE IN and eCONFIDENCE) participated to the exercise as observers. The first prototype of METU Serious Game was presented to the partners and their feedback was collected.

Organised by ARMINES and METU

Durant l'activité conjointe de Nîmes, une arrivée massive de victimes après un scénario CBRNE a été simulée au CHU de Nîmes. L'activité conjointe a été préparée par METU et ARMINES. En outre, divers projets de l'UE ont testé leur propre solution au cours de cette activité (par exemple, l'outil d'évaluation du projet IGNIS - Effective Command a été utilisé pour l'évaluation postérieure à l'exercice, TARGET a également été utilisé pour évaluer l'Organisation Hautement Résiliente. De plus, plusieurs projets de l'UE (INACHUS, SAYSO, PREP, TARGET, EUMFH, FIRE IN et eCONFIDENCE) ont participé à l'exercice en tant qu'observateurs. Enfin Le premier prototype de METU Serious Game a été présenté aux partenaires.

Organisé parARMINES et METU

ODTÜ eNotice ekibi ARMINES tarafından düzenlenecek olan ortak etkinliğe katılacaktır. Amacımız, kullanıcı gereksinimlerini tespit etmek ve ciddi oyun konseptlerini KBRN eğitiminde kullanarak eğitim ve farkındalık yaratmaktır.

Organised by ARMINES ve METU

12th December 2017 in Gurcy, FR

12 décembre 2017 à Gurcy, FR

The CBRN training centre of the Seine-et-Marne’s Fire & Rescue Department hosted the first joint activity of the eNOTICE project on December 12–14, 2017. The aim was to use an already planned activity (operational certification of the Fire & Rescue Department’ HAZMAT teams) to provide a framework of activities to eNOTICE stakeholders and external participants, in compliance with eNOTICE guidelines and objectives. Demonstration and testing phases of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were also displayed during this joint activity.

Organised by SDIS77

Le centre de formation du service départemental d’incendie et de secours de Seine-et-Marne accueillera le premier exercice conjoint dans le cadre du projet eNOTICE. L’objectif de cet exercice sera d’évaluer la capacité opérationnelle des équipes spécialisées en risques technologiques, en se basant sur quatre scénarii: risque biologique dans un immeuble de bureaux; risuqe chimique dans un train de marchandises; risque lié aux toxiques de guerre dans un laboratoire clandestin; risque chimique dans une installation industrielle.

Organisé par SDIS77