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eNOTICE completes its third Joint Activity, the BIO-GARDEN exercise

eNOTICE completes its third Joint Activity, the BIO-GARDEN exercise

by Maximilian Kiehl -
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Preparation of the national and international response to a Bioterrorist attack


On June 19th 2018 at the Major Housiau military compound in Peutie (Vilvoorde), the international BIO-GARDEN response exercise to a bioterrorist threat will be held in the presence of the Ministers of the Interior, Public Health and Defence, and the presence of Sir Julian King, European Commissioner for Security Union in charge of the fight against terrorism and crime.

This exercise is part of the European Commission's Horizon 2020 eNOTICE project, the objective of which is to set up a pan-European network of civil-military training centers for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks (CBRN), and the B-LiFE project for the integration of new terrestrial and satellite communication technologies, supported by the European Space Agency.

The BIO-GARDEN exercise is the result of a close collaboration between the Ministry of the Interior, Defence and Public Health, and several Belgian and European SMEs, aiming to improve the preparation and response of first responders in case bioterrorist attack.

Will actively participate in the exercise: The Federal Crisis Center and its new CBRN Expertise and Coordination Center, the Federal Service of Public Health, the Federal Scientific and Technical Police, the Civil Protection, a military sampling team, two mobile laboratories : the Biological Light Fieldable Laboratory for Emergencies (B-LiFE), and the Mobile Biology Laboratory Complex (MBLC) of the Hungarian Defence.

(Press release by Catholic University of Louvain)